Monday, August 13, 2012

Morning Rituals with Dog Cat Dog

I thought I would share my morning ritual. First let me fill you in on the characters. There is our dog Abbey, and her sister Champ. (Champagne Bubbles) named by her owner not us. We dog sit her a lot as her owner frequently travels. Then, there is our newest addition, Charlie. He is the homeless cat that was taken in and then passed from home to home. He hissed at us for the first few weeks and hid under the bed for a very long time. 
So fast forward... here they are today! Left to right; Champ, Charlie, and Abbey.
All waiting to get their morning treat with my first cup of Joe.
I have trained them all to sit and the dogs have to wait while Charlie stands on his hind legs to reach up for his treat. Then the dogs get their treat. I love these crazy fur shedding animals.
PS: I have to vacuum everyday. And it's not because of the two dogs. Darn Charles.


  1. They're all so beautiful. I miss my Golden like no body's business.

    1. Thanks Mark, Yes, goldens are pretty special. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Charlie and his sisters ... I love it!