Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heroin is no Hero.

I have not posted anything in such a long time and in fact, had to remove something due to the 'theme' not being announced yet... "As if anyone reads my blogs anyway" went through my head.
Being busy is my second nature. Runs deep in the family. But getting blindsided over and over is not something I do well with. People and relationships can cause such turmoil can't they? And then all of a sudden, it gets put into perspective.

Our little world lost someone to a tragedy. I can't even imagine how the parents are processing the loss of their son. Just turned 18. My own son who turns 18 soon knew him all of his life. My son, Mr. Private, won't tell me anything of how he is dealing with it. Nor will he tell me what events are being held in this boy's honor. But... he did ask if I would go get some red spray paint and cans of clear coat.

He spray painted his surfboard red.

No, my son wouldn't comply with the hundred of kids who barely knew this kid and wore red to school. No, my son won't talk about him except to say he was the coolest, nicest kid and it really bugs him when kids are stealing attention for themselves by crying and yet never even knew him. And all three of my kids are crazed to hear other kids talk smack about how and why it happened and again... never knew him.

My son has been doing research on the drug of choice and if it saves one life, then maybe his battle wasn't in vain. I pray that parents reach deep inside and use this as a teaching tool for their own families. I pray that some parents we know realize that serving underage kids alcohol does not make you cool. And I pray that God wraps his arms around this family. Protect them and love them. They did not fail their son. The drug was just too strong of a hold.
A parent's worst fear.

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