Saturday, September 3, 2011

Beach Buddies

This week I was asked to submit a few pics of ocean scenes to my sister's client's pediatric office. You can view her office here; InsideOut Designs. They are looking for something teal that can be enlarged for a wall in their waiting room. I submitted several options and then decided at the last minute to send this one too. Being a pediatric office, I liked that it was with children.

The next photo is the original. It was scanned from a 35 mm print taken back in 2001. You can see how much junk got painted out. There were so many distractions in the background. One of the huge benefits in photoshop.

Then I came across this 2003 print. I love how happy she is on the back of her buddy.
Happy Photo Shopping and happy photoshopping!


  1. Children at the beach...for that matter anywhere are so beautiful to photograph...great job!