Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Baby Shower Decorations for Days!!

What is today, Wednesday? Already?? I feel as if my week has been tucked away somewhere under the dust layers in this house. Monday and Tuesday took me to Mag's college for orientation. As ready as I know she is, her own trust in herself is only emerging as she's willing to take risks. Standing there next to her and the numerous other freshman (with no moms) she says to me I can leave. I asked if she was embarrassed that I was there and she said no, she wanted me there. She was sad that she was such a baby and needed her mom. I smiled, gave her a hug and said that she'd always be MY baby. Then left to sit on the other side of the campus until I got the text "OK, now you can go." Gut wrenching. 
On the drive home she called and said she had met two very nice girls. They included her in (Thank you Lord) and all was good in the 909.
Sunday was my niece's baby shower. I won't even get into how crazy I work. Makes no sense to anyone unless you're related or creative. Luckily my sisters are both! lol
My sister walked in with these beautiful flowers from Devynn's Gardens in Seal Beach.
A must have for every party!
Devynn's Garden in Sunset Beach

AND she walked in with all this food and this adorable bowl as a gift for me!!  
 Scrumptious Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Chinese noodle salad and fruit for days!

My kids made the desserts the night before.

We had purchased several lanterns. After opening them up we realized that they ones from Alin Party (L.B.) were the best. The Martha Stewart lacy ones were good too, however MS's ones that opened up into balls (see ones in pic below) were not so good. Touch or breathe on them wrong and they'd dent. Wouldn't recommend them.

Played games... eggs were to decorate like a baby. And then you had to take care of it all day.
Lastly, I attempted to make table linens even though the bobbins for my daughter's sewing machine were missing. (And the ones I bought to replace didn't work)...

It was a great party and I'm sad to have to put my house back. However, now I can make the linens the way they should be. I'd really like to sell them on etsy. 
Life is moving so fast and I wished that I had time to do more, to finish, to enjoy, to take a step back and say, whew. But on to the next things on my list.
Thank you Sherri for all your work & patience in this. It was a joint venture and quite a venture - adventure! Thank you Debbie, for without the initial invitation created with your art, we wouldn't have had the inspiration and motivation to move in this direction. Last-- thank you Manny and Hayley. For without your sweet Adeline, we would have had a party of none.


  1. Oh, so pretty! amazing Patti....way beyond what the wedding shower was.
    Ok, the paper chains were over the top, lol. LOVE the fabric and colors. Okay, go buy some bobbins so you're ready next time :)

  2. Why didn't you tell the part about how you were 'sewing' them minutes before the guests arrived, ha ha ;)
    You did an amazing job and everything was beautiful, colorful and over the top. You are a great sister! xo
    P.S. The flowers were from Devyns in Sunset Beach.

  3. Sherri, don't want to spill the beans on just how crazy I really am by waiting to the last minute on everything. And hey, I had 4 minutes to spare. LOL
    And yes Debbie, I'm buying bobbins. A must have for a sewing expedition like this one! Whoooa.