Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ewe... Grass.

Tomorrow's weather forecast is bringing a shower... baby that is. My niece is expecting her first baby and it's a girl! I made up these sheets for people to fill out for her (thanks to ideas on the web of course and my all too talented artist sister who gave me the floral-print-art) I emailed her a copy of it and she then sent me back another idea. Which I have to say is so much better! My niece loves lambs and we used my sis's sheep on the invitation....
Here is my sis's version! lol Blah Blah.... Don't you love it?

Being that I had printed mine already, I took her creation and tweaked it into a thank you card that my niece can use. Her husband's family is Spanish speaking so I made a bilingual version of my "thank ewe" card. Here is put it on top of her floral print. Thank ewe and Grass see us. 

The back of the card has lines for her to write on and their names were printed on the bottom,
but I took it off for this posting.

I changed the colors;

And then went crazy.

 Grass see us pour looking at my blog. Here's looking at ewe.

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