Monday, August 8, 2011

Wedding in Temecula - Photoshop Techniques

Shooting a wedding brings many surprises. For me, they are standard yet workable issues. I love to see what I can do with photos in photo shop. Here is my chosen fix for the day. In the first photo you can see what the wedding coordinator got to do. She escorted these two frilly tots down a long stretch and then helped them down stairs. (Earlier that day one of them had shoes on, and the other, just a band aid on her big toe. I'm glad they went barefoot. So cute.)
Sadly, the wedding coordinator didn't make the cut. Or did make the cut... and the youngest did too since she was in a tree-- more or less. So I took out the coordinator holding the sister, and removed the arm that was holding her hand. I created another arm and made it as if she was all on her own. I'm sure her mother will be proud that she is able to walk all the way down those steps by herself. lol
But then it began to really bug me that she looked as if she only had one foot. So, back to photo shop she did go. Adding another foot.
In this one, I added "actions". I used a patina texture and vignette. I wanted her to keep her pristine white dress so I erased any texture that was overlaid on her.
And last, the very first photo on this post shows her up against a fence which has graffiti on it. The fence is actually the steps that she is walking down, just rotated 90 degrees. And the graffiti words and wings were placed as overlays to give the illusion that they are written on the boards.
What have you done in photo shop lately?


  1. Patti that is phenomenal! LOVE the graffiti and the angel wings. Wow!

  2. Very creative Patti! Great job.

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