Friday, August 20, 2010

Theme Thursday: "Children"

I haven't been posting this week. Been a bit on the busy side. But I did want to do Theme Thursday. It's 'children', so here is a photo that was taken at my niece's wedding last week. Titled, 'kick'in it'. She was so darling. She was the flower girl and wore boots with her dress. Awesome wedding.
And an update:
Looks like our floor problem is just that. A floor problem. Not a plumbing problem. We've had every test run on in and out going pipes. Dug holes, scoped, camera'd and anything else that could be done. Seems the water table is so high here that we do have a river running underneath our house. So-- we're officially tearing out ALL the hardwood and replacing it with faux wood porcelain planks. I've been banned from doing more as I have sprained or strained both of my hands. (Also still have a hammer mark on two of my fingers where I hit myself.) They're just getting where I'm able to make a fist. (almost)
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