Monday, August 9, 2010

Macro Monday: "Opportunity"

Good Morning! I want to bring a smile to everyone today by sharing a not-so-in-focus shot of a dog at a dog park in Atherton, CA. This is as close as I could get. The dog was a distance away and on the move. The pooch was running by so fast - the look on her face... serious business.
The following collage will show you why.
I hope it enlarges for you as I'm having difficulty getting them to lately. (I reloaded it up top as that was the only way it would enlarge. Not sure why) I titled it 'Opportunity'. If you can't see, the quote is from Albert Einstein; "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
Here are a few close ups from the sequence.
  1. Getting lifted up by black dog -
  2. Whipped around. (Golden is definitely thinking)
  3. Seizing the opportunity. Completely in air.
For more close ups and macros, visit Lisa's site at:
And More Critters: Camera Critters @


  1. Those dog photos are fun. The second one with the run-under got me to laugh out loud.

  2. These are way too fun and so cute!

  3. I'm laughing my head off. The top photo enlarged for funny. I actually have the same issue with blogger. Just didn't realize until I checked just now.

  4. Wonderful photos! Gave me a good laugh :D

  5. Wonderful dog photos.

    I have no idea why Blogger plays so many tricks on us! Good luck. :)