Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Craft Ideas, Quick Centerpieces, GiveAways!

I have not been very good about blogging lately, so I'm going to make an effort here to show you just a few things that I've been doing the past few months. Busier than ever and all over the place with different jobs. Love that. Keeps my job interesting.

An event with the Donkey theme... What? Well, you can read the inspirational story here.
I placed paper mache pots with white flowers as the centerpieces and purchased small plastic donkeys from the Oriental Trading Company. Spray painted them grey, set some around the table, and poked a hole in some, put them on wire and had them hanging out the centerpiece. The candy bars had Zig Ziglar's quote on them. When life throws you dirt... shake it off and step up! Heehaw.
PS: Budget was kept to a minimum.

Rancho Los Alamitos Mother Daughter Tea:

Place cards for a mother/daughter tea at the Rancho Los Alamitos in Long Beach. These succulents made it easy to use as placeholders. If you've never been to the Rancho, it is a must visit historical place. I love it there and the barn has just been restored and renovated.

A quick banner made of linen, stamped using hand cut cork board. You can see more of what will be going with this banner at my sister's blog here. We will be staging a First Holy Communion for a sweet little girl named Sofia.

This was a giveaway welcoming in the New Year. Used the short soda cans, for that quick pop!

Homemade matchstick notepads. Purchased ones from Michael's in a large pack, variety of sizes and cut the paper to fold over, stapling and tucking. Quick easy and done. LOVE that.

 For the Bride and Groom, these are a notch above. Used cardboard; 3 sheets, Printed on Cardboard paper, spray glued onto a piece of cardboard, cut a section out of the second piece of cardboard for the stick to fit into, glued the second piece on, glued the stick in, and then glued the 3rd piece of cardboard backing on to cover the stick. Heavy, indestructible and fun.

This image below is printed on a 11 x 17 and is the interior of my brochure.
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