Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Senior Ad Pages for High School Yearbook 2012

Busy with Senior Ads. It's that time of year!
I wanted to share one that I finished this morning. It is for a young man that is very interested in car racing. He has it all. Brains, brawn, and the backing of incredibly supportive grounded parents.
The first photo is the final art. I was given many photos to use, however I wanted to incorporate them in an interesting way. We did a photo shoot down at the pier and I choose this background because it gave me space to add things around. I liked the glasses on him. It is who he is. Doesn't he look comfortable? It's not very often that I shoot pics of boys that have the comfort zone that he did. (His mom taught him well!) or was it dad?...

I took some of the pics and added borders of white to them to make them look as if they were mounted on mat board. The in Layer Style, I added drop shadows and bevelled edges on some. Next I changed the perspective. In Edit/Transform; Distort gave me the effect I was looking for. I wanted them to look like they were on firm poster board, either leaning up to the pillar, or laying on the sand and hit by a few waves. Changing the Layers to either multiply, soft light, overlay, or even color burn gave me options on how it would look as if it had been in water. The signature text was placed and tweaked with the warped text tool, and adjusted to look like someone had just come along and put graffiti on the pillars. The only text that was left in normal text type was the quote that the mom wanted. I felt it needed to look like it was added on to the photo, not in the staging of the photo. 
I realized it was just right when my teenage son who NEveR says anything about my art, came in and said "That's really cool." All was good.

So-- we went from here--

 To here!

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  1. What I think? I think I'm jealous of your mad-skills. Maybe(and I mean "maybe") I could take that photo but I don't know how to add to it all.
    Fantastic Job! I'm sure this boy is thrilled.
    I've been waiting for you to come back.