Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July Brings June Bugs?

Here is a sample of a calendar page that I did for a client this last month. It is so fun to do different things. Last week I was in San Fran (with my artist rep. hat on) assisting my sister in her studio. She has been offered a phenomenal children's book job from a client that we sent her marketing info to last year. I can't spill the beans yet as the contract has not been signed. And I'll let her do that. Three of her new children's books are out. Check it out here!
I'm very proud of her.
And my other sister and I set up a wedding on Sunday at the Strawberry Farms in Irvine. Transformed the bathrooms from sterile to stylish and the check-in table made you look for sure!! Fun times. We always seem to laugh at something. Mostly ourselves.
PS: Yesterday we had all the doors open. There were at least a dozen June bugs flying around later that night. All trying to get into the television screen. Don't go to the light!!! Anyhow, we've re-named them "July Bugs".

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  1. You definitely wear many hats Patti.....will keep you from getting bored.
    Thanks for the links.....:)