Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Photo shoot at Blair Field for a Long Beach State baseball game. Dirtbags vs Matadors. I love Long Beach. Born and raised there. Love the people - love the community. I can remember years ago driving into the OC for work and having to change my thought process. Now that I live there, I'm used to it. ((to some degree)) What is the difference? I would say that people are guarded within the stereotypical OC. I remember a woman in Newport referring to lower levels of society as "grocery store people". That made me disgusted. From then on I referred to myself as a grocery store person. I like grocery store people. Now don't get me wrong, there are plenty of wonderful people that live in the OC. Plenty. It's just the few ugly ones that bring it down. And obviously you know I mean ugly as in ugly on the inside. Beauty is as beauty does. It always floors me when I walk into an upscale shop and the sales clerk looks down to me. Really? Let's take away the reality that I don't have the money anyhow to purchase anything, who is working and who is "potentially" buying?
Oh don't get me started... Let's Play Ball!
Wilson High School has some great graffiti. Would love to shoot this from up above and have subjects laying all over it.


  1. Love that parking lot graffiti. My girls had their mark on that at one time ;)
    (It's senior tradition). Your sis from the LBC

  2. Love Baseball and would lick/slurp anyone to get a chance to go....thanks for this!