Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Got an Itch?

How does one scratch an itch with hooves?
We were invited to a party held at the Rocking Horse Ranch in Huntington Beach. I knew where the equestrian area was, but this ranch was one I was not familiar with. However, give me animals and it's my kind of party!
A fabulous ranch party with wonderful people, great barbecue, fabulous hosts, staff, and residents. We were able to spend lots of time with the horses and were given a horse show with some of the owners horses. (Will post those on another day.) We realized that we knew the owners. Our kids were friends in pre-school and though they went to different schools later, we we would run in to them here and there. The owner said that it was because of us that he had the ranch. Wait, what? ??
We had invited them to Mag's fifth birthday party. We had pony rides. And it was at our party that his girls fell in love with horses. He had been raised on a ranch and seeing their love of horses made their own ranch a reality. (One of the daughters designed their logo.) So, again, he said it was because of us. In my usual flair, I asked where our piece of the pie was. lol Don't let me tell you where he said it was! :@)
This last photo is from the birthday party back in 1997.
These two lambies were only interested in the grass.

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