Monday, December 6, 2010

HO HO OH NO... it's Christmas card time.

I've been reminded that it is time to get a Christmas card together for our friends and family. However, according to my hub, it is of utmost importance to get one out to his clients. I struggle with this so much for two reasons. One is that we rarely get a family photo taken during the year. He always want all of us in the photo. Don't know why. Can't imagine his clients need to see what I look like and they know what he looks like. Maybe it's justified to show them the kids. He's funny too, most of the time when we are all together, we will have been doing some activity. We never have done a formal sit down photo session. One year he wanted to get a photo of us after we've just hiked all day. (yes, this is always showing me at my best) Another time we were on vacation, it was really windy. Sure he looked good, his hair is an inch long, but the wind took mine as if it belonged to someone else and showed my lovely very large dumbo ears. (another good look for me)
The other struggle is that he wants one of those "we're all that" letters to go with them. By the end of the year, I'm done. I don't have anymore to give and even less to get all giddy about to put in a "this is what we've done this year" letter.
I don't know about your goings on, but I live with Chicken Little. The sky in our area has been falling for years. And NOW he says it's really falling. I think his notion of selling our house and buying a trailer is going to come to fruition soon. So-- as I was trying to come up with some holiday card idea, Chick Little was in my head. Here is one rendition. It's titled, "Drivin' it in Hard".
Not sure if you'll be able to read the verbiage on the bottom, here it is:
A period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in teenager's overall happiness in two successive quarters.
The main portion of the background was from I got it via google images and then made some of the snowmen melting. I added the sign around the big one's neck and just continued adding things until I was satisfied. Enjoy!


  1. You are so silly! :.) I like your definition of recession! Thanks for the smile!

  2. Funny! Dan should definitely be on of the snowmen....!