Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Times Two

Happy Birthday Mags & Kate. My two girls birthday's are today. Twins. Four years apart.
Maggie was due on the 2nd but hung in there until the 9th. Labor began on a Saturday (5AM) and Monday (1PM) she finally arrived. Not exactly the birthing experience one would want for the first one. Concerned doctors, Pediatric team waiting, husband stopping the recorder as the nurses are saying, come on baby, (breath). And me, I was so glad it was over that I was oblivious to it all. I just remember that the epidural wasn't working and all I wanted was to be able to cry, but not letting myself so I could get through it. And after it was over, didn't need to. She was fine. A healthy baby girl that looked like a chicken. The birthing canal does amazing things to heads.
Katie was due on the 16th. I had been working like crazy the weeks before painting six 6'x8' murals for a fundraiser. Friday night, made a huge dinner for the family. We had our aunt & uncle living here just in case we needed them in a pinch. I was in the garage and finished the boards. Happy that they were done as 'set up' for the auction/dinner was the very next morning at 8AM, with the fundraiser that night. Can I just tell you how neighbors and drive-by's would slow down to see the bison in the garage on her hands and knees painting boards all day and night? Anyhow, I walked in the house with paint brushes in hand and announced "I'm done"!
5AM and here comes Katie. Quickly. Policeman saw us flying down the street towards the hospital but didn't pull us over. Guess he knew the look of a panicked bison. Uncle delivered my boards and hub went to the fundraiser. Handing out cigars.
14 and 18. With a 16 in between. Life just keeps marching on.

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