Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Field Hockey Treats

Last night was our Field Hockey Banquet. It was very special as it was, for eight of the players, their last year with the team. Four years with field hockey and four of the best. The program at HB is outstanding. The coaches are exceptional. They teach the game well and treat the players with dignity and respect. In return the girls respect the coaches and work their hardest to achieve greatness. Even if it's just finishing what they started. Which is where my daughter comes in.
If you've read previous blogs of mine, you'll know we've had mold issues that turned out to be long lasting and part of the reason my daughter has always been so sick. (Asthmatic) However, she also has an adult view of the world that pushes her do what is right. (Makes her crazy when others don't do the same). Nonetheless, she, along with another girl, received the 'Coaches Award' last night. It made me very proud of her. She has always loved the game of field hockey. Has always wanted to be a starter, be a forward, run fast, be tall, score a lot of goals, and receive a scholarship for sports. Now, she is none of that. No- she's better. She holds her head up high to sit on the bench at times and be a support to her team mates. She knows that in life even though one may not understand the 'whys', there is always a reason. She is a strong person, loves the Lord, and knows that there are other ways to start, be fast, tall and score. To me she starts every game. She is there. Looking as beautiful as the day I held her for the first time. (Oh wait, did I mention in my previous blog she looked like a chicken?) lol
She is a forward. She does play that position. And yes, she likes it for the reason that she can't physically run up and down the field as the mid-positions require. Is she fast? Depends on who you ask. She always out runs me. She out runs her sister. She even out runs some on the team. Is she tall? She is so tall that her head reaches the heavens of the earth. She is 5'3" taller than tall. And she has scored. Not only in the game of field hockey, but in the game of life. Only 18, but a wonderful beginning of a sweet natured christian girl. I am so proud of her. She is everything I wish I could have been.
Ok, enough bragging. Here is a photo that I took of the junior varsity holding up their sticks for the varsity to run through. Not that great of a photo, but I liked the composition. I pulled it into photo shop and worked the photo a bit. I added more sky, took the left corner stick out, painted more base onto the bottom. I layered copies of it, from the top copy, I pulled out the white background altogether. I then placed a teal background behind the base layer, reduced the base layer's opacity until I saw enough teal coming through.
Next I added type, measured the size and printed two per sheet for candy bar covers. I used a glossy photo paper. I think it was actually brochure glossy papers-- thinner than regular photo paper. Made it easier to wrap around each bar. Then I used adhesive (double stick tape) to pull it all together.
Smart & Final had the best deal on Hershey bars, but sometimes the grocery stores will have a sale on them for .50 per bar. This time, not the case.
This was a very easy project and the parents & players loved them.
Next week's project..... players on a stick. Stay tuned.


  1. Fantastic post! I love that you are sharing how you do what you do AND sharing your talent! I love the candy bars (Inside and Out ha ha). I also love how much you adore your sweet daughter - Ah, what a gift she is to you and what a wonderful mother and gift you are to HER. She will cherish those words you wrote about her, if not not now... someday! xo

  2. Nice! Congrats to Maggie. You're a great mom patti. And a talented photographer!!