Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Faux Wood? Ok, I'm going Green!

I thought I'd give you the final conclusion of our 'water damaged' flooring. Final findings: No confirmed conclusions as to the source of the water. HA@! (The @ was a mistake in typing, but I thought I'd leave it...) We have been told that we simply have moisture coming up due to the lack of a moisture barrier under the slab (during the time period of our homes being built in this area, they didn't know to put moisture barriers down.) So, we have torn out all of our hardwood flooring and replaced it with a porcelain tile that has a faux wood finish. What do you think?
We are almost done with this project. Just have the rest of the baseboards to be put in, have them painted again and then we'll tackle the pantry. Yes, the hardwood that is in there is under all my custom cabinetry. That is a project for another day.
My LB sister, an interior designer, has a new blog. She posted a photo of her office. Makes me want to cringe when I look at mine. I'm so messy. I love her organizational ability. Check her out at: http://sherricassaradesigns.blogspot.com/


  1. Hey, I like it! Glad it's getting done. What the heck is that gene we missed out on......and you know what I'm talking about.....!

  2. Yeah, Mags said you are an organized mess and I'm just a mess!!

  3. What gene is that? ; . )
    Thanks for mentioning me on your blog sis!
    Let me know when 'we' are going to re-paint...I am ready!