Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall is Making Me Fall

October. What does this represent to you?
Well, I was reminded that it is national breast cancer awareness month. Susan G. Komen for the Cure has posted many events/activities that benefit the Orange County Affiliate of SGKomen4theCure. Check it out at:

October reminds me that the end of the year is near and I've got to kick it in gear to get everything done. My two girls have their birthdays in November ON the SAME day, no less. My son's is in December. Halloween is almost here, Thanksgiving right around the corner and then Christmas. For me October has always been the month where my intentions fly right out the window. I want a plaque made for me when I die that says: "She lies here with good intentions". Isn't it interesting that the word 'lies' past tense for lay, is also lie as in untruth? So, I lie when I say I'm going to get stuff done? huh. I think I just had an ah-ha moment.
I had the pleasure of working on a job for someone recently who's husband had written the following on the back of a photo of his two boys.
"Let me not speed through this time of life
to where I forget the beauty of moments like these".
I wish I could turn back the time. I miss having my kids this age. I am grateful that I have been blessed with three wonderful kids. Love them dearly. Don't love the fact that I have to go to traffic school next month with my son who got a ticket for no helmet and riding on handle bars. Funny though when he was surrounded by six police cars when he was a passenger in a car doing donuts in a school parking lot he was just warned. AND the policeman told me that he was such a good kid. He said "You've done a great job, he's very polite, respectful, and a really good kid". I looked him straight in the eye and said, "I sure hope you didn't let him know that!" Then quickly covered my face so my son wouldn't see me smiling.
I remember when he was four, he had asked me for a pair of scissors. I always had scissors around. Major scrapbooker and my kids ran with scissors from birth. He went back to his room and minutes later asked for tape. I gave him the tape. Later on I walked passed his room and saw his project. It was on his wall. He learned this from his older male cousins. Yes, I scolded my husband for this too. He had found a tennis magazine. Was looking at it and came across an advertisement for Nike. (don't care for them) Three women. Two large busted women dressed very provocatively and the other one (average) in basic athletic wear. A bucket of water being tossed onto all of them. Get the picture? So did he. And now it was taped to his wall. I had to do some moral character teaching right then and there. How is it that a four year old sees what we think (and pray) that they won't until they're older?? I asked him what he liked (duh) and he showed me. After damage control, I called my friend in Chicago. Asked her what she thought. (She raised three wonderful boys.) She asked one of her boys about it and his comment back was:
"Pray it doesn't get worse!"
May you cherish today and pray it doesn't get worse.
James 2:14-22

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  1. I can relate. Hayley did not have to go to court for driving 101 miles an hour (however she got a hefty ticket). But she did have to go to court for not stopping at a stop sign on her bicycle. Go figure. Thanks for the smile today ; )