Friday, August 6, 2010

Photo Friday: "Best Friend"

Today's theme for Photo Friday ( is "Best Friend". My first thought was the obvious. My dog. lol... but I wanted to be different so I asked myself, 'Self, what lately has been your best friend?'
My camera came to mind. The first photo is of me with my camera taken by my daughter (tks Mags) and altered in photo shop. However, just to give you a laugh, my actual best friend this past month has been my gas mask. (Continue down!)
I'm still working on taking up our hardwood floors. Interesting that we've had 8 different professionals come in to look at where the water is coming from and no one can figure it out. Or give me a definite answer.
First photo: after pulling up hardwood in front of 2nd bedroom (bath to left, bedroom up above) Hardwood completely saturated here. Dug down 2 feet. Found a pipe that is outgoing sewer line. No smell, no obvious leak. Dirt is like very moist clay.
The second photo is the 1st bed/bath door jam. (Only a foot away from where the original shower drain was replaced 5 years ago) You can see where the plumber cut into the pipe so he could snake through with his camera. This pipe is coming INTO the bath from the kitchen on the other side of the house.... also hardwood flooring on that side of house, but no problems except one that is just starting along the pipe area. My hub disagrees that there is a problem beginning in that area. He says I'm paranoid. I say he's in denial. But, how on earth are we to know what is under the concrete unless we had plans drawn by the builder and plumbing installation markings or ESP. Either one, we don't have.
Want to be my next best friend???
I'll give a huge high five for anyone who can give me direction or a solution shy of putting the house on stilts. (which I would do in a heartbeat if it wasn't for the slab!)
Double click on the Facts photo to see it in full.

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  1. What a terrible, frustrating situation you have. I trust someone will find your problem soon. There is no doubt in my mind you do have a water problem somewhere. Hang in there!