Saturday, July 17, 2010


It's a doggy world out there! Here are the first two of many dawg shots that I took while visiting one of my sisters. We were at a dog park where there were many different breeds. This first pic is my sister's dog, Mack, the Airedale terrier on the right. He had a thing for the standard poodle. I think they liked each others nappy hair!
My sister has had Airedales all her life. Her last two, Ernie & Gracie, past away. Gracie-just last month. It was very difficult for my sis to lose Grace. So... she went on the Internet.
Mack on the run- -
Mack was a RESCUE dog!! Can you believe that? He was wandering around and some workers fed him. He came back the next day and the workers took him to the shelter. Oregon is where he ended up. Skinny & looking like he had been wandering for quite awhile, they took him in, fed him, neutered him (ouch) and posted him on their site. After finding out his history and them hearing about my sisters love of Airedales, she drove up there and picked him up. He has turned out to be the best darn dog ever. He races you up stairs and then turns to say, "I won!" He's a hoot. Big and burly. Funniest of the ones she's had. Mack is Back!
Mack imitating a stuffed animal.
(PS: He sleeps on her bed just as if he expected it all along)
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