Sunday, May 23, 2010

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

Yesterday I took Katie and her friend to the Natural History Museum of LA. It was another mad dash through a portion of it for a school project. Unfortunately, once again, the section we had to peruse through was under construction. The display was in a very small dark room, contents still in their boxes with the strapping on them. But hey, we got it done.
Prior to going we read that the Amgen Tour of California bicycle race going on around Exposition Park. We had to park in a different area than I was used to and stumbled into a fabulous butterfly exhibit. "Pavilion of Wings." I didn't have the correct camera equipment for this, but took shot anyhow. Here are some photos. (If you have a chance to head to LA, this exhibit will be there through September 6th. It's worth it!)
This guy's got HUGE eyes!
While I was taking photos, this little girl tapped me on my leg and said in a very sweet cute voice, "I have a butterfly on my head". She was so funny. She walked around for about a half hour with this contented butterfly. Her younger sister was adorable too but I didn't take her photo. Katie thinks I look like a stalker when I shoot kids that I don't know.
Isn't she precious?
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  1. These are wonderful photos. I think it's OK to take photos of children, if I ask for permission of an adult. That little girl is so proud.

  2. She looks like so proud and she is so cute!! Happy Sunday!


  3. Butterfly always bring wonderful color to nature. Thanks for sharing. happy SOOC Sunday.Visit mine here too

  4. Your photos are wonderful! Love the butterflies (especially top one), and the little girl is so sweet. I didn't even notice the butterfly on her head until I read the text... I just saw the gorgeous smile.

  5. Fantastic, beautiful photos! And the sense of wonder on the little girl's face in the last photo is priceless!

  6. That second shot ...some kind of poppy? just lovely. The petals are like crinkled tissue paper.

    And what a little sweetheart with the butterfly adornment in her hair. :)

  7. You must be quick w/ the camera to capture that shot of the 'flutterby' on her head! Beautiful series of shots!

    Happy MM

  8. Lovely springtime images - the butterfly capture is absolutely gorgeous!