Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Huntington Beach High School Bomb Threat 3-3-10

Interesting Day. One kid decided to threaten the school today. Someone mentioned that he considers himself like the Joker and wanted to blow up the school like in the movie. (Seems he considers himself an artist.) He was wearing a trench coat and wouldn't take it off. He was in the library at the time. The school evacuated all the students and the police placed the suspect in custody. In this photo you can barely see the bomb squad's unit. It's to the left of the white truck. All the streets were completely blocked off and no access to the school or the cars, bikes, etc. that were already on campus. The school acted quickly and I have to say that the police and fire department were there in full force.
One of my daughter's friends said that there is another boy that talks about doing things like this a lot. And it's not the boy that did this today. This was a good lesson for all of us. The authorities need to learn about this other kid and we all need to talk to our kids about what to do "if".
The schools reaction was appropriate and luckily the incident was acted upon swiftly. Now, who pays for all this?? Humm... maybe the parents of the student?

Ok--so some of the kids are saying:

"Today was the bomb"

"Only in HB do we get excited about tornadoes and bombs"

"Leave it to Facebook to have a group about the bomb threat two hours after it happened"

"Someone call Jack Bower"

The APA kids: "They better not blow up the theatre"

"I left my cell phone in my classroom.... I'm lost without it!"

"Bomb-Ass Day today"


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