Thursday, March 4, 2010

HBHS Highs and Lows

Today's entry for Thursday's Challenge is "High or Low". This photo is one that I took yesterday from the news central van at the Huntington Beach High School during the bomb threat. And actually, THAT should be the real "high and low." The kids that I carpool were all talking about it on the way to school this morning. One "high" was that they got to leave campus early yesterday, the "low" was that they heard the district would have to tack on an extra day of school to make up for it. Hopefully for the kid who pulled the prank - or whatever it was - he will be moved to another school. Can you imagine the wrath of 3,000 students on one who caused an extra day of school? Geesh.

I really hope that the Principal (who by the way, handled everything extremely well) will give the kids an explanation of what occurred. They need to know the truth and not all the rumors that are flying.

For those who aren't familiar with HBHS, it is located directly across the street from the Police Station. Of all the locations around, this is by far, the most ideal. When my daughter text me about what was happening, my first reaction was to let her know she was safe and it would all be fine. Her MAJOR low for the day was that she was to have her braces taken off just at the time they were evacuating everyone and putting the entire school on lock down. And to a seventeen year old, that is a major low.

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