Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Blues

For the past week I was trying to get a photo of my daughter. She wouldn't pull the hair out of her eye. She has an amazing black eye. Sledding accident. Her and her friend lost control of the sled and ran into a tree. Every one's fine, except the tree. It really was a shiner! One for the books I told her. But no... no good photo. And the look on her face told me to quit bugging her.Yesterday I mailed all my Christmas cards out! And this is huge for me. Usually people receive mine in January. One time they were so late, a friend called to thank me because usually so much is going on during the holidays, they never really get to enjoy the cards coming. Ha! So there is something good in procrastination!

I went through all the ones that I received and put those with photos in a third album specifically for this yearly tradition of sending holiday greetings. Yes, third album. I have kept every photo sent from friends and family since 1987. It is really fun to see the yearly changes. Hair styles, no hair styles, clothing, weight, marriage, kids, divorce... All documented in photos. Well, off to put stuff away. Another year done and over with. Scratch another notch in the bedpost of life.


  1. that look says everything doesn't it? Great photo though even with the hair over her eye.

  2. we as parents think everything is worth remembering and the young want to forget most of it. lol

  3. I'm glad you daughter is ok from her sledding accident. She looks cute with the hair over the eye.

    My son broke his foot and leg bone sledding into our fence years ago. He had to have a metal contraption holding his bones together for months. LOL, I would take the hair in the eye anyday after my sons ordeal.

  4. Isn't that the truth on thinking everything is worth remembering.. maybe it's because I have such a hard time remembering that I strive to preserve it! And yes, I'm very happy it was just a black eye!