Sunday, June 9, 2013

Senior Graduation Announcements 2013

Been busy making Graduation Announcements for Seniors and here are just two. Simple/Classic style.

 This announcement was created with two photos. The first photo that she gave me is below. The background was a photo that included a friend with him, but she loved the tower. The boys were shaded too much and I wasn't thrilled with the scaffolding in the background, however it had lots of potential. Being that my client wanted just her son and not the friend, (Made sense to me!!) I asked her to see if she could find one with him alone.

She sent me this next pic and it was perfect. I erased everything around him and placed him over the background of the above photo. I painted out most of the sides of the boys on the background photo and kept the pic tilted like the original.

The second announcement was a 2x3 photo that I had to scan, and then I just built around it. Keeping it to a 4x6 single card, mounting on cardstock and voila... Done!

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

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