Friday, March 23, 2012

Recent Job: "Let's Get REEL" Invitations

Yesterday I made 30 invitations for a special event with a movie/theatre theme.
I had previously done the fliers for this event and named it "Let's Get Reel."
After creating my own version of a movie reel, I then split it up into sections to print out.
First printed each layer then cut with a circle cutter.

 Some had a bit of white remaining on the edge; simple solution: black archival ink on the edge.

The back layer had the movie reel tape coming off and the top aligned with it, however made sure the top tape was behind the "reel" and cut off the section of tape coming out of the reel.

Got out the brads.... Used a brad to attach the two sections together. Allowing them to swivel.

Last, the inner section, the actual invitation portion was attached. Folding the top part, attached it with adhesive, and then let the top swivel back over, it was done! So this is where my mind makes jokes... I was flap happy.

The Reel Invitation.


Monday, March 5, 2012

Huntington Beach Lifeguard Tryouts 2012

Lifeguard tryouts for Huntington Beach City and State were Saturday and Sunday. My son went out for both. Surprisingly, he came in the top 20 both days. (Out of approx.150 each day. Crazy huh?) My skinny kid, the one who seriously figured he would be last, made it to the interviews and is alternate at City since he only has his permit. Darn thing that license is. Shame on us parents who don't buy their kids a car to drive as incentive to get their license! Nonetheless, he was so excited that he did as well as he did and come next year, I guarantee he will be proudly watching over your kids on our beaches. 
Beginning Swim for State Tryouts on Saturday
Film Crew was there on Sunday for "Huntington Beach Lifeguards"
Checking the underwater cameras
On your mark.... get set..... GO! 
Lifeguards swim to the other side, through the pier.
Coming around the pier. See the dolphin?? That's my son.

Huntington is full of art.
Boys. They can always find something to play with.