Friday, June 8, 2012

Senior Grad Card Announcements 2012

Recently I took photos of a senior in high school for her graduation announcements. She has a quiet strength about her. She is every bit of beautiful on the inside as she is on the inside. But one of the things that I really liked about her was that she was on the high school golf team all four years but didn't want to take photos with her golf club and uniform. So-- she conveniently forgot to bring a club and her shoes. OK, so I respect that. I too have an almost 20 year old and know all too well the pull between adulthood and childhood. So, we borrowed a club and bucket of balls and took those shots first. Now, I know that the first shots aren't necessarily the best. The model is getting comfortable and it can be iffy. Once we ditched the club it was a new game. I said, just be you. And these are all her.

Her card was created. She loves sunflowers, so that was added for her. Her mom got the golf pic in, and we were almost done.

I created a logo for her and printed the cards. I found scrapbook paper that I fell in love with. Made by Crate Paper, Farmhouse collection. I used "Countryside" for the envelope liners. And "Handpicked" on the back of the open house invites.

Her return address labels were squares with her logo on them.
Below is another envelope liner for a different client but didn't use. I used a floral print that went with the grad card. Her return address labels were triangles on the tips of the envelopes. Love making these.

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