Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Senior Presentation for NCL-PCC, Candy Bar a Must!

National Charity League - Pacific Coast Chapter's Presentation 2012 was a few weeks back. I have to say that in the six that I have attended, I rated this one a 10 in ambiance, color, and attention to detail. It was lovely!
The graduating Ticktockers wore the traditional white dresses, their bouquets had a navy blue ribbon wrapped and garnished with a diamond brooch. (Love the word garnish-- lol)

Glitz and Glam Girl Steals the Show!
The table centerpiece had the splash of blue and added the blue ribbon to the chocolate gift for each guest.

Flanking the sides of the stage were these spectacular floral arrangements.

 And then, there must be the candy bar for the after party! A must for teenagers. Or at least the trend these days. I'm waiting for the money bar.... tens, twenties, fifties, all places eloquently in apothecary jars with cute ribbon tied scoops.

Candy Bar in Blue & Green


  1. I would think I'm in Heaven with all that candy around me.
    And that little girl in blue is so cute. Seriously, she looks like a doll!

  2. Just saw these Patty! Great memories!