Monday, February 6, 2012

Wes/Avreil Beach Shoot 2012

Yesterday I had a photo shoot for a couple that are getting married soon. She is so darling. I love redheads. They have a special spark in them that no one else seems to have. Am I right? Spunk.
Here are a few of the pics. They are mildly edited, but most straight out of the camera.

Did she take ballet or what?! !!

As we were moving up from the beach I noticed this feathered friend watching the dogs below. Hum, dinner time? It was getting close to dark.

Maybe should read; Danger, predators lurk above.


  1. They do look like a fun couple.
    She kind of looks like Julianne Moore. Maybe I should die my hair red? And you could take pictures of me on the beach too!
    Great photos!

  2. Wow Mark!! She does! Thanks for viewing and I'll mail you a bottle, Revlon #130?