Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From Photo to Van'Goto: Computerized Art

Today I decided to play for a bit. I stumbled onto a site called Vangobot
aka: PopArtMachine, Modern Arts Midwest.
They have an interactive section whereby you upload your own photo and it will re-work it into art. Now in as much as photoshop can and will do this, I found that some of the styles were different from the click-and-see photoshop filters. 
Here is my original photo. 

Click on Interactive (or here) to begin your own creations.

 Next I took one of the re-worked pictures, saved it on my computer, re-uploaded it and began working with that one. This next photo is the one used. I took it from the original to "plasma field". There were many variations of colors in plasma field. I just kept re-clicking til I came to one I liked. The teal caught my interest the most. From here I took it to each of the styles.
This next one is "graph". I think it is one of my favorites.
Reminds me of my Pee-Chee folders after a year of boredom in school.

Here is where I figured I was in a therapist's office. What do You See??

Now go play outside your computer.


  1. What do I see in that black and white photo? Well, chaos! But listen, thank you so much for sharing that link with me. I'm not one to go out and search for instructions. I usually let education come to me. I'm lazy that way.
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. Your original photo was exceptional in itself.

  2. Thanks so much Mark! And lazy? Not you! :)

  3. I like the original photo the best! can I have that blown up on a 40x40 canvas??? :)