Thursday, August 4, 2011

Temecula Wedding Preview

Here are just a few photos from the Temecula wedding on Saturday. I will post more as I go through them. I like these for different reasons. Which ones do you like and why?
Temecula has some amazing photographic locations. I'm sad that my time was very limited with the bride and groom. I may drive out there again just to play.


  1. Thanks Patti! Curtis Nemetz created a link from his video to your site. We love the pictures you have posted and look forward to seeing more! Thank you for all of your creative and professional shows in your digital creations.
    Bob Burdette

  2. Thank you so much Bob! I need to say that this was a remarkable wedding to shoot. The families blended so well and were the kindest group of people. You all made my job easy.