Monday, February 7, 2011


I was helping my sister catalog her wedding decor and she pulled out these angel bookends. They are so beautiful! I really think they are spectacular and if it wasn't for other people living in this house, I would use them as door stops!
I also did a photo shoot yesterday down at the pier. Senior photos for a young lady that we've known for most of her life. She is very beautiful but not comfortable in front of the camera. Mag came with me and shot some photos at the same time. The first two are mine and the last three are Mag's. I think Maggie has a great knack for photography. She loves to take photos and she has a nice whimsical way about it. I love it when she comes with me because she can get shots from a different perspective.
I think this is my favorite....


  1. Love everything about that last shot! The perspective, composition and sunflare! Beautiful!

  2. very pretty, but that last shot is simply beautiful!

  3. I love the one where she is leaning up against the sign! Good job! Also love the way the angels came out ;)

  4. I love the first one with the sign and the last one. You both have the knack....If knack is natural born talent :)