Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let me introduce Romeo-Zorro-Carlos

A few months ago a friend of mine told me that there was a stray cat that had been saved but was in need of a home. She said he was about to be placed in a shelter if someone didn't take him soon. I couldn't imagine that and so I offered to keep him until he found a permanent residence. I won't get into the details, but the permanent residence turned out to be with us.
He had been named Romeo because he loved to snuggle and was so affectionate. We soon found out that he had another side to him, hence the name Zorro.
He spent the first few weeks in my son's room. See, Abbey, our dog, scared the fur off of Romeo-Zorro and Romeo would hiss and hide under the bed whenever Abbey came near. Sam loves the movie "The Hangover" so he nicknamed the cat Carlos. Carlos stuck. Romeo wasn't quite the name we thought he should have and since he really didn't answer to anything for us anyhow, we figured we'd call him Carlos. He's only missing his sunglasses.

He is truly a sweet cat. He sleeps within a few feet of Abbey now. They can easily be in close quarters together without too much hair raising and Abbey loves Carlos' food.
PS: My main two camera lenses are in the shop as they never focused very well this year. They are being fixed and while they are, if I want to take photos, I have to borrow my daughter's or use my old basic lens. I probably won't be taking pictures for a while. :-(


  1. I saw the photo of Zorro "Carlos" / Romeo (I will always think of him as Romeo) on my blogroll and thought it was Jack! Glad he has a happy home - he has been through a lot! Too bad about your camera lenses. I really need to get some house photos... let me know when you get them back ;)

  2. knowing his history, recent history i'm talking about...., i think he reminds me of puss in boots in shrek. definitely with the antionio bandaras accent, haha. welcome to the family romeo-carlos-zorro!

  3. handsome guy! he's really pretty. I understand about the 'helping out but becomes permanent residence' - ha! :) Nothing wrong with that !