Thursday, September 30, 2010

HBHS VS Newport-Harbor Field Hockey

Pound for pound, one great battle is the title of the article written by Steve Virgen from the LATimes. The article, posted in the Daily Pilot, featured the field hockey game played on Tuesday. It was a very intense game. Rival teams, Newport for us is the team to beat.
Our Varsity coach, Kathy Van Doornum, is not a coach that is out there screaming directions to the girls. No, she is one who does a great job at teaching them the game during practices. By the time they're on the playing field, they know what to do and where to be. Rarely does she talk from the line. But this game, she couldn't hold back her excitement as to how great we hung in with Newport.
l was standing across the field by Newport's goalie. Most of the game was shot at a very long distance. In this photo you can see just how much the girls got in the game. Our goalie watching intensely, five on five. In the background is a scout/recruiter for a college. And you can see that the referee is calling for a penalty corner. Never was sure as to how we fouled. I can't see an obstruction and never have gotten clear on all the calls. (even after four years!)
Next is Brooke who shot in the winning goal.
The last photo clearly shows how exciting it is to win against Newport-Harbor. They are a great team and so is H.B.! We'll be happy to take away their title.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HBHS Water-El Pollo-Loco

This week was warmer than we're used to on the West Coast. And to make it worse, we traveled inland to sit on metal bleachers without any shade. However, the players were not hot at all... as long as they were playing.

Here are some photos of them warming up. - My son; doing the butterfly.
And then back and forth, back and forth, lap after lap...
Who do you think is the one who seems to always get under the skin of the coach.
I guess he doesn't appreciate my son's sense of humor.
(whoops, sorry, he must take after me.)
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goldenwest & Palm, Huntington Beach Accident 09/28/10

Wow, another MAJOR accident. We back up to a very busy street and have had three horrible accidents in the last year. Tonight was one for the books. Imagine hearing a car bouncing on the street while its rolling over about six times. That is what I would have been involved in if it hadn't been for a voice in my head saying, don't go yet. My son had called asking to be picked up from school. I was on the computer and was about to go when something made me spend another minute on the computer. My program froze. Never did it before. Can I just say that I know when God has saved me? I usually don't know it at the time, but see it shortly after and let me tell you this, when I saw the mess that I could have been either in, or seen first hand, I know that it was God's hand in keeping me home. As I drove to get my son, I went through the intersection. Only those that had quickly pulled over were there, a few people were beginning to react. The man in the white truck had been thrown out. No seatbelt. That was obvious. He was behind the truck. Truck on its side and he was on the ground - wheel side. The other man had opened his door and laid down. I didn't know what to do other than pray for these men. I know the man in the truck had major trauma. I came home and took my camera out to my back fence. I took these, but I have one I won't show. It has one of the men still on the ground. I think he must have been okay. He was the last to be transported and went to HB Hospital. (or at least in that direction) .. saw the ambulance drive past HB High School when I went to get my daughter about ten minutes later.
Please wear your seatbelt.
We prayed for them. Please pray for them too.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Art Creations Friday: "Beast"

Been crazy busy - but thrilled to have Art Creations Friday back from vacation!
Here is a quick rendition. The art given was the woman and the book. Thanks for visiting and be sure to check out all the artists at:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon 2010!

We did it! Sunday was the 1/2 marathon. Got no sleep; awake every 1/2 hour, was out of the house at 4:15 AM, out the gate at 6:20ish, (yes, our corral was in the back) and off we went! I'm thrilled to announce that none of us died, fell, or hurt too terribly bad afterward. It was so much fun. Disney had placements of entertainment all throughout the route and if that didn't encourage you to keep going, the people screaming your name as you went, did! (I wondered why our first names were on the bibs!)
My time wasn't that great, but I made it. I wore a shirt that said; "If found on ground, please drag across finish line." I seriously didn't think I could do this. I averaged a 13 minute mile. Hadn't really trained much. Hadn't run in over a month... But if I could do this, you can too. Anyone can. And it's definitely something I will do again!

Thirteen miles plus one tenth. Go Runners Go!