Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goldenwest & Palm, Huntington Beach Accident 09/28/10

Wow, another MAJOR accident. We back up to a very busy street and have had three horrible accidents in the last year. Tonight was one for the books. Imagine hearing a car bouncing on the street while its rolling over about six times. That is what I would have been involved in if it hadn't been for a voice in my head saying, don't go yet. My son had called asking to be picked up from school. I was on the computer and was about to go when something made me spend another minute on the computer. My program froze. Never did it before. Can I just say that I know when God has saved me? I usually don't know it at the time, but see it shortly after and let me tell you this, when I saw the mess that I could have been either in, or seen first hand, I know that it was God's hand in keeping me home. As I drove to get my son, I went through the intersection. Only those that had quickly pulled over were there, a few people were beginning to react. The man in the white truck had been thrown out. No seatbelt. That was obvious. He was behind the truck. Truck on its side and he was on the ground - wheel side. The other man had opened his door and laid down. I didn't know what to do other than pray for these men. I know the man in the truck had major trauma. I came home and took my camera out to my back fence. I took these, but I have one I won't show. It has one of the men still on the ground. I think he must have been okay. He was the last to be transported and went to HB Hospital. (or at least in that direction) .. saw the ambulance drive past HB High School when I went to get my daughter about ten minutes later.
Please wear your seatbelt.
We prayed for them. Please pray for them too.


  1. That's awful & I'll definitely say a prayer!
    God bless them & YOU & YOUR KIDS TOO

  2. I drove past this on my way to Dog Beach after work and the police had arrived but not the paramedics yet. I did the same thing...there's nothing I could do to help but pray. Please post if you hear any updates of their condition. God bless you :)

  3. All I have heard was that the man (38 yrs old) is in critical condition. We'll just keep praying for a speedy recovery. Blessings back to the both of you~