Sunday, December 26, 2010

Goodbye Two Thousand and Ten

I wanted to share a few families that are very dear to me. I was given the opportunity to take their family photos for their holiday cards. This first one was only a mock up of a Christmas card for them to see as an example. I didn't use the photo of them, but simply wanted to show them what one could end up looking like. The photo is 'two in one' like the example in the previous post. I faded the shot on the right to highlight the writing.
The mom is one of the most active volunteers I know. She is hard working and always giving of herself.
These two kids have been in my view finder more than once or twice. I've known them since they were in elementary school and have been lucky to photograph them throughout the years.
Their dad was especially humorous this day. He had a couple of hand signals to me during the shoot. All in fun. ((of course)) And their mom, she is my biggest fan. When I feel down, she'll lift me up in a heart beat. She thinks I'm so much more than I am. When do I break it to her?? lol
And our family photo. I must say it is very difficult for us to get one photo of all of us. Therefore, I have had to combine two photos into one. We are either never all together, or we aren't ready to be documented. Don't want to scare the world with how we normally look!
So as the year winds down with a bang
And the sun sets in the west,
May you have a happy new year
--make it one of the best.


  1. LOVED your card. Hopefully you got my text! Especially love the picture of the pier at sun down! Amazing..... Miss you....

  2. Wow, great photo of the pier...and of course your gorgeous family. Thanks for hosting a great Christmas Eve!!

    Happy New Year Sis....!