Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Beginnings, Endings, Endings, and new Beginnings...

This is the last year that my daughter will be in High School. Her last year in National Charity League and the year she gets to be "Presented". Presentation in NCL is one big "Ball". She wears the big fluffy white dress (don't know whoever started that one...) and gets highlighted for her accomplishments. It is my last for many things, but so much more become the firsts for her. I have to put together 15 photos (only) that represent her during her 17 years of life. Sheesh is that a tough one for me. I was at a loss on this one so I decided to let her pick them. I however did have my say in a few. This first one is one of both our favorites. My sister designed and hand-painted her little onesie.
I love this one. These two crazy kids made many of these on the computer and I laughed so hard. It just shows the silliness that they have. I had to include this. I hope it makes people laugh and not take the debutant ball too seriously! (Mag also LoVeS Elvis--) The walk about that her and her dad are to do is usually to a sweet song for a father and daughter. She's chosen "Burning Love" by Elvis - Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising!! LOL


  1. Awww Patti, these are so cute! And funny! I completly forgot about that onesy. so funny to see :)

  2. Would love to have you come if you'd like!! Free trip and dinner~ Let me know.