Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Theme Thursday: "Eat More Apples"

I decided to do the Theme Thursday Challenge this week.
The theme is 'Halloween'. Is it coming soon? I think this year has flown by. Sheesh!
Anyhow, here is my artwork. Digital art that took me WAY too long. (Glad the hub is out of town) Anyhow, if you can't see it all, try double clicking on the photo.
Mr. Lumpkin Pumpkin is pushing the apples this year. His little munchkin is worried about where they'll be next year. Afraid of matches, this poor pumpkin family is trying anyway they can to avoid being chosen at the patch. Lumps painted himself red, wears a costume, but still is having a difficult time trying to roll with the season. The book title: "Don't Care Much For Pie" by Smashed Pumpkins
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