Thursday, July 15, 2010

Locked In

I decided to take a break from what I've been doing this week to make a collage for Theme Thursday's Art Challenge. This week's theme is 'something round'. I thought about taking a photo of me running in circles, but figured this might relay how I'm feeling these days. "Locked in" is the title. My rounds: round locks.
I have been locked in the house ripping out my daughter's hardwood flooring. Our house a some sort of plumbing leak (of which the insurance company says they don't cover) and it has gone under the wood in the house. My daughter's is the worst and she is now living at a neighbor's house since her asthma has gotten so extreme. The mold is rampant underneath, but seems to be just under the wood. No where else. I'm almost done taking hers out and then I'll be bleaching the concrete. I do find it therapeutic as I use my crow bar and hammer pounding away at each slat. I suspect we'll be living on concrete for awhile. Maybe we'll paint it with graffiti or paint rugs on it. Maybe I'll have the kids put paint on their feet and we can put our foot prints all over. Oh the options are endless!
Hope you like my ROUND digital art.
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PS: Here is an inverted copy of the above. Gives it a different look.


  1. You are WOMAN, hear you roar!!! Wow, ripping up flooring sounds like a very difficult task. You sound like you are well able to accomplish this or any other endeavor.

    That said, I do admire you for taking the time to create in the midst of the tearing up. Your round card is fantastic. I love all the dials, cogs, wheels, etc. Beautifully done.