Monday, July 12, 2010

College Visits! UCDavis-UCDavis!

Wow, odd to be visiting colleges already with my first born. Maggie is looking into colleges that offer a doctorate in veterinary medicine. Did you know that there are only 3 we can choose from since she wants to stay in California or bordering states? We decided to add some to the list that will give her what she needs in order to transfer into a vet school. Our first stop was Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I loved the cows and sheep. Mags.... not so much. She was embarrassed that I kept mooing at the cows and baaaahing at the sheep. Doesn't she remember that this is our family tradition?
Advise that I have gotten is that your kid needs to love the school. They will know what they love when they see it. This was not the town for Mags. She knew it. I knew it. Onward and northern. We stopped off at Stanford just to see the differences. Beautiful campus, but not for her - even if it was an option.
Maggie loves contemporary styles. She is like my dad. Very logical and always goes for the decor that my dad loved. I never used to like contemporary, but I sure do now. It's such a cleaner, sleeker look and she helped me see that. Isn't my girl beautiful?? Ahh-- I love this kid.
Off to U. C. Davis. Whoooa. She fell head over heals in love with this campus. They are a state of the art campus with every amenity anyone could ever ask for. We took a walking tour with a very bright young woman. She didn't have to sell Maggie on the school. As soon as we got there, Mag was in. She could picture herself living, breathing, learning the UCDavis way.
This is one of the sculptures on campus. Mag took the shot. My camera was in the car, plus Mag is a better photographer than me. She has such a loose style. Something kids automatically have. Here is one of my favorite photos that she recently took:
Tomorrow I will post some photos of my sister's new Airedale, Mack. He is big and burly. As cute as a stuffed animal and is a big love. We went to the dog park near her house and it was a hoot. So many funny dogs.


  1. Definitely your daughter is with the best. My boss for 6 years, my adviser for MS and PhD studied and worked there during her early years and she has told me lots of stories about the UC Davis legends. When i presented a paper in an international symposium in Turkey last year, many of the pillars in our field of postharvest physiology are from there and i was just like a kid who saw the idols for the first time. Great people they produce there!

  2. Thanks for adding this. Great to hear. We want it for her so much. And SHE wants it. Love that even more!