Sunday, April 4, 2010

Portuguese Bend, Palos Verdes, California

Today we went to my in-law's home for Easter ~ where my hub grew up; Rancho Palos Verdes, California. We drove through Portuguese Bend, stopping by our good friend, T. H. Redfield, Jr., the Great Grandson of the American Impressionist Edward Willis Redfield. Here is one of the links to his Grandfather: We love Tom. Actually, he is one of my favorite friends of my hub's. Below is a photo of him telling my kids about the geological facts of the slide area. We call him "Uncle Tom". This shot is for my "Straight out of the Camera Sunday" shot- Visit for more great ~straight~ shots.
Below is the view from his house. His house is technically considered in the slide area, however, it's braced by one of the peninsulas.
The next photo is of a Peacock... one of six that were in a tree. Tom said they are annoying, they eat all the flowers on the bushes. And it is mating season. We could hear them calling each other... very loudly. It was amazing to me to see so many around. This one in the tree was a young one. His tail feathers weren't long. And did you know they fly? There were six in this tree and as I walked carefully closer, trying not to disturb them, they would, one by one, swoop up to the next tree branch.
I took a few pics of Tom's paintings and there are so many that I love, I can't even begin to chose a favorite ~ however, this is one I decided to post.
The next photo shows a portion of his studio and on the easel you can see the painting that I posted resting on the easel.

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  1. What a wonderful post. It was a pleasure meeting Tom. The painting you showed looks like a pastel, quite beautiful. I think I must be an artist, I'm messy, too!