Sunday, March 21, 2010


Sunday Postcard Art gave us a very interesting challenge. First off, thank you Deborah from LandofNobStudio's for the crows! I used this "not so great photo" of flowers that I took awhile back. Along with.....
What they gave us... Interesting isn't it?
Great piece of art and I have no idea on how it was originally made!
Below is another one that I came up with. Can you find the common denominator?
I had to tweak it quite a bit. I took the butterfly and cut him up. Made him into more of a painted version, sliced his wings, made him fly and gave him a poem to live for.
Please check out all the artists on this site. They deserve an applause!


  1. Very, very nice! Like the whole composition. LynnF

  2. Oh, your blog is so wonderful and all your art is awesome!!! I have really enjoyed this creative venture of seeing your work...Your photography is gorgeous and what you've done with it is amazing!

  3. Your blog is superb. Your photos are exquisite. I could look at those beautiful blue and white flowers all night.
    I love your artwork and I thoroughly enjoyed taking your artistic journey with you (it is wonderful to know how the final product is arrived at). Great work.

  4. Well, I love your final outcome, Patti. Very cool. I would not know where to start to end up with something as beautiful as that!
    Thanks too, for your very kind comment on my blog, and YES! Our dogs do lead a fun life : ) You might enjoy this set of photos: Our Dogs! -Thanks again, lenna