Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Watery Wednesday

For today's Watery Wednesday, I decided to go back to this year's water polo photos. I love to watch water polo. These kids are in deep water. They can not stand or use the bottom of the pool however, they have an incredible strength to scissor kick themselves up to get higher than their opponent. I also love what the water does in photos. And there is ALWAYS a lot of water. I don't know how they can even see where they need to throw the ball, but they manage to do quite well!For many more Watery Wednesday shots, visit:
And here is my postcard rendition of the above photograph.
Huntington Beach Oilers Water Polo


  1. Sounds like they have to be incredibly strong & in very very good condition, but it sure looks like fun!

  2. I love to watch waterpolo too, but my reasons are not sporty or noble, I like to drool at the players who are always so good-looking!


  3. I have never watched a waterpologame but I think this shot is awesome :)

  4. Cool photos, I never seen water polo either. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the postcard treatment!

  6. yea, for water sports! Fun action shot.