Thursday, February 18, 2010


"NO, MOM!, Don't do it!"
"Honey, she's dead."
"No she's not. Look."
"Baby, she's riding the current. Check again, see? Her gills are not moving."

This was my conversation with my daughter last night when I found out our family member had passed on. Yes, Marina died. Did I kill her? Don't think so. Did I try my hardest to keep her alive? Humm... well.... uh... yes. I followed the instructions, changed her water, added the solutions, fed her, and daily - even though my hub said she didn't need it. (Humm.. maybe... it was hub sabotage?) No-- can't imagine that. Anyhow, I add fish onto my list of things I can't keep alive. (Sorry Griffin!) So, if I don't have a green thumb, do I now not have a blue thumb too?Here is Marina as a photographic watercolor. May she rest in pee.


  1. Wow! You are a fantastic photographer!
    I don't think anyone could make a dead fish look so beautiful!

  2. MARINA is gone??! the day i look at your blog i see that the green gift is dead!!! she sure was a pretty fish :)

    LOVE YOU, miss you.