Monday, February 8, 2010

Blackie, Brownie & Whitey

Once upon a time three little horses, Blackie, Brownie and Whitey, grazed together in a meadow full of lovely thick grass. Wherever one went, the other two followed. One day they met an artist named Peter, who was so happy to have met them. "We shall have good times together, you'll see." he told the three little horses.
These characters reminded me of the book, "Three Little Horses" written and illustrated by Piet Worm. It was first introduced the year I was born, 1958 and was my all time favorite book. (Still is today)
Don't you just love the expressions on these alpacas? I love these silly animals.
Enjoy more close up shots at


  1. Silly grins. A fun image to be sure.

  2. i almost can't handle their cuteness. I LOVE alpacas and these guys are so adorable with their crazy little personalities, love it!

  3. Very cute expressions, they look mischevious!!
    Good photo!!

  4. Cute and silly! They look so cuddly but I wonder if they really are?

  5. What great faces!!! I love that they are three different colors. ~