Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packin' the Camera - Storm Watch 2010

Today was an interesting weather day. I (AGAIN) didn't have my camera with me when I was picking up my kids from school. Around 1:00 pm, as we were driving home we got dumped on by a huge storm; lightning & thunder, cats & dogs rain, extreme wind and pelting hail. It took extra time to get home as I couldn't see out my windshield and all the streets were flooded. No less than 10 minutes after we arrived home, my mom called to let me know of a tornado warning in our area. I laughed and said, yeah, we were already in it. Only one tree went down in our area.I did grab my camera, but by then the storm had passed.
The pier was covered in low fog/rain and the waves were crashing at the end of it.I turned around - I saw this. It was amazing.
Only lasted a few minutes and I'm glad I captured it.
This is the High School - photo taken from my car.
I loved the huge clouds in the background.
My son wanted to see if a kite in this strong wind could pull him on his skateboard. It worked!My mother-in-law will be happy. She gave us two of these crazy kites!
Looking forward to Thursday's storm! (Camera is PACKED in the car already)


  1. Love the rainbow.. but then I am partial to them =)

  2. i love the first one and how you caught the railing. of course the rainbow is beautiful. Did you look for a pot of gold?