Sunday, January 10, 2010

LACMA; Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Yesterday K & I went on a field trip for a school project. We went into Los Angeles to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She is learning about Japanese traditions. This first photo was one of my favorite statues. Looks like something right from Star Wars.I know, it's illegal in California to drive while talking on a handheld cell phone, but taking photos while driving? Hey when I was young, I used to put on mascara while driving. I learned never to blink. Women are natural multitaskers.Would hate to crash on the top of this overpass! I REALLY hate going on overpasses this tall.LA Traffic - not too bad... SaturdayWorld Impact, Los Angeles; Empowering the Urban Poor.

One thing that I noticed was that most of the graffiti along the freeway was painted over and gone. Gives a false sense of security in my book--I know, most of the tagging doesn't look good, but in LA, some of the taggers are very talented artists. Tagging that looks like scribble is annoying, but artistry tagging can add flavor and flair to a boring block wall. (Just my opionion)

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  1. Love the LACMA, haven't been for awhile, thanks for the reminder.