Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa Is Coming... Are U Naughty or Nice?

We went shopping for our Christmas tree last night and I must say, as our kids get older and more settled into the teen years, their willingness to pose for photos is bordering on 'useless'. So I ask, "Santa is Coming... Naughty or Nice?"

Step 1: Choose your photos. Crop out most of the background and then edit the wrap points. Try to keep the new border as close to the subject as possible. I work in Publisher. (not for long though!) It's not great, but doable. Whatever program you have, the techniques will still apply.

Here are my cropped photos. My new subjects.... Some naughty.... Some nice. And remember, they don't have to be perfect. The imperfections add "style"!

Step 2: Write your text.

Step 3: Assemble onto your background photo. I took a close up shot. The larger the background, the more your smaller subjects will stand out. I liked this one because the gold on the side. Arrange the photos as you like, layering them either front, back, etc. Place the text onto the photo.

Step 4: Group them as one unit and save as a photo and there you have it! Your final photo with everyone together. And they didn't even have to stand next to each other! 'Cuz ya know... they don't want to have to touch each other. Happy Cropping!

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