Monday, December 28, 2009

Hilarious Outtakes-I Heart Faces

One very rainy day my kids decided to go out and play. No boots, no shoes. Our dog couldn't resist going too, however she got distracted by the rain drops. She stayed on the porch trying to eat the water. Silly dog. Silly kids.
I love my goldens, but trying to get them to stay out of my face is difficult. Here is Abbey. Champ got in the picture too... I thought it was funny, hope you do too!
Visit for this weeks challenge of "Hilarious Outtakes". It's one of my favorite memes.


  1. ohhh that last one cracks me up! Gotta love fast moving, curious pets!

  2. Yes, aren't they silly. They always want to sniff the camera. Thanks for stopping by.