Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Watery Wednesday - HB Pier

These birds wouldn't move. They were very content letting me approach them. The surf was amazing too this morning.

I went down to the pier last night just as the sun was setting and took some pics of the pier. The snowflakes are on display now and look really pretty at night. I like how the sun setting made the sky so blue. These are all untouched up photos - the blue was really that blue!


  1. Pier photo number 2 is my favorite, but all of your photos is great!

  2. Enjoyed the tour and photos Have a great week

  3. Great photos. Almost like in a movie.

    Have a nice day

    Gunilla in Sweden

  4. Photo nr. 2 is also my favorite !
    Have a nice ww.

  5. Amazing photos! Especially love the water swirling under the pier pylons!

  6. The pier photos are fantastic. The one with the sunset and the sunset reflecting in the water is my favorite. Great composition and colors. Well done, my friend!

  7. I know that the sun does that to colors and I love it.
    Nice photos all of them .
    Me too have a dog for Pets only and and the fishing you already seen.
    Did you get any fish?

  8. Love the night shots and the sunset. Very pretty.

  9. All are great shots - but thing #2 is the best, also! Love the angle of that one!